Everything you need to know about COMMUNITY X SEEN!
  • How can I become a creator with Community X SEEN?
    Simply sign up and fill in the required details on the sign up form. Please refer to our Creators page.
  • Is there a minimum number of followers I need to sign up?
    Anyone who is a true beauty fan and socially engaged on major social platforms can sign up to be a member of COMMUNITY X SEEN. Typically brands are interested in creators with 1,000+ followers as a base minimum on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.
  • How do you select creators to receive product?
    We send out brand opportunities via email on a regular basis. Look out for these on our Instagram too! These drops enable creators to find out what brands are gifting or sampling, and allow you to opt in for consideration. Final selections are based on the quality, following and relevance for the creator and brand.
  • Do you pay creators?
    Our main aim is to support up and coming beauty creatives by connecting them to brands and providing them with the newest beauty news and launches to keep content fresh. It's also a platform for brands to get to know new diverse beauty creators and fans. From time to time, brands may have paid opportunities which COMMUNITY X SEEN will communicate in our creator news emails, so make sure to sign up for these in the sign up form, found on our Creators page.
  • If I'm a brand, how do I book an activation with you?
    To book an activation with COMMUNITY X SEEN, please refer to our Brands page. When you sign up for this, please enter a meeting date and you can book a meeting online with us. It will also allow you to upload your top-line activation objectives if you wish to do so. Alternatively, if you would just like a brand pack, please contact us at community@seengroup.com and we can send this to you.